Benefits of Mobile School Apps

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January 21, 2018
mobile app, Your Mobile School App
Helpful Features of Mobile School Apps
April 11, 2019
school app,Your Mobile School App

Mobile apps are the way of the world now. Any business or organization worth its salt has a mobile app to make their services more easily accessible, and your local school district is no different. Mobile apps put services and communications just a finger tap away. Your Mobile School App from Tapp It Technology engages parents by providing a streamlined and effective manner of communicating which is essential in any harmonious education system. The benefits that come from having open and direct lines of communication between parents, educators and faculty are truly limitless.

First and foremost, setting up a mobile app for your school can reduce overall costs school wide. Students are inundated with flyers and letters getting sent home to parents, and there is a cost to each piece of paper that gets used to print or copy information onto. These documents can be inputted directly into the mobile app saving one hundred percent of the costs previously earmarked for print outs. Even at five cents a page, when tens or hundreds of thousands of pages are being printed on a yearly basis, the amount of money that is saved is enormous. In addition to freeing up previously unavailable funds, a mobile app can also free up time for the school faculty, and allow them to perform their duties in a more efficient manner. Time is a quantitative commodity that can never be replaced, so by having the ability to post important information online via a mobile app, you are freeing up time that was being spent making phone call after phone call relaying the exact same information to the parents of each student individually.

Your Mobile School app from Tapp It Technology opens up the lines of communication in ways never before possible, putting a plethora of information at the fingertips of parents. Having these open lines of communication are critical to parental satisfaction, and happy parents make for happy school administrators and the happiness trickles down from there. With the click of a button, parents can be informed about any events or happenings that are taking place at the school without having to do any homework of their own. For more information, please visit

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