Helpful Features of Mobile School Apps

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Benefits of Mobile School Apps
April 8, 2019
Anti-Bullying, Your Mobile School App
Fighting bullying from your smartphone
July 2, 2020
mobile app, Your Mobile School App

We can all remember our time in school and being sent home day after day with pages upon pages of letters and notifications for our parents. The current generation of students does not have to worry about that anymore. Today everything you need to know about your child and their studies should be available in a mobile phone app. The experienced professionals at Your Mobile School App from Tapp It Technology design, develop, and test mobile applications for schools designed to help students and parents connect with teachers, get instant access to events, news, student assessment, sports updates, school travel and more. These apps allow students and parents to stay connected with teachers and faculty via real time messaging which not only helps everyone to stay up to date with upcoming events, but there are a number of other wonderful features that come with a mobile school app.

Parents can now have much more direct and hands on access to features that can help them track their child’s progress. They can keep an eye on their child day by day instead of waiting for quarterly report cards, thus enabling parents to know exactly what area their student needs improvement in before it is too late. In addition to posting current grade tracking information, teachers can also post work sheets and curriculum from the lesson plan directly online for the parent to see. These features make it exponentially easier for the interested parent to keep tabs on their child’s academic growth than ever before. Daily planners are also worked into the mobile app allowing parents to be fully up to date with the students schedule from assignments to field trips and everything in between.

While keeping an eye on the progress of their student, Your Mobile School App can help parents AND students have more direct lines of communication with their teachers. Mobile school apps are equipped with features that allow direct messaging with teachers and faculty on a one on one basis. This feature accompanied by a complete staff directory with one button calling basically puts you right in the room with your teacher, so no matter what the situation can get caught up at any time.

There are a number of amazing features that make mobile school apps the most complete and effective way to monitor your child’s academic growth. For more information, please visit

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