Is social media dangerous for my children?

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It is not recommended that your children use social networks without your supervision.

Nowadays, it may seem normal for our children to spend hours and hours on the internet, whether it is researching for their homework, playing online, or using social networks to interact with other people.

But make no mistake, although this seems normal, it is not recommended that your children use social networks without your supervision. Although created for positive purposes, social media can be a dangerous place for children.

How to control your children’s use of social networks

First of all, it is not recommended that your children have social networks if they are very young. Let’s be honest: at that age, the only people they should interact with are their family and friends from school. When our children are on the Internet they are exposed to dangers that we cannot always detect. This becomes even worse when our children use various social networks without supervision.

An example of this is Tik Tok, a social network that President Donald Trump has targeted for alleged cases of espionage. To make matters worse, most of its users in the US are 13-15 years old on average. Also, there have been cases of child predators creating fake accounts to interact with children and gain their trust.

What can you do to prevent your children from being exposed to these dangers?

  1. Don’t let them use social media without the presence of an adult.
  2. Frequently check the list of people your children interact with on social networks, they could be in contact with bad people.
  3. Use parental control apps to block websites that you don’t want your children to access.
  4. Talk to them to make them aware of the danger of social media when it is not used correctly.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or TikTok. Although social networks have positive purposes and seek to encourage communication and interaction with other people, you must keep your children protected at all times. develops the highest quality mobile school apps. Contact us at 877-264-9010 to receive more information about our services!

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