What do my children eat at school?

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July 10, 2020
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Knowing the cafeteria menu will help you prepare a balanced diet for your children at home.

The nutrition of our children is an essential aspect in their growth. As parents, we must be attentive to what our children eat at school so that we can balance what they eat at home. In this way, we can complement their diet and help them consume the proteins and vitamins they need so much.

Mobile school apps allow you to know the menus that your children will eat at school every day of the week. This is a very important feature, and will undoubtedly help you offer better nutrition to your children at home.

The importance of the school menu in the nutrition of our children.

The school cafeteria menu must provide between 30 and 35% of daily energy needs and must be adjusted to the needs of essential micronutrients.

Parents should know the daily menu of their children, to later make a compensating menu at dinner, a meal similar to lunch but with smaller quantities. Each school must provide students with a monthly menu guide.

For the preparation of the menu, the fundamental principle is based on establishing a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutritional value and responds to the demands of children at every age.

Also, to ensuring adequate nutrition, the menus must take into account other important aspects, such as sensory aspects (smell, taste, presentation, temperature,) which in addition to contributing to sensory development, make a meal more or less pleasant, and help create a taste for a varied diet.

It is also essential to adapt the menu to the different ages, needs, and characteristics of children, use seasonal products and change the diet, according to the seasons of the year, both the type of food and its preparation.

However, in some schools, the meals offered to students do not meet these expectations. Parents should transmit their complaints in this case since the food that is given to our children five days a week for so many years is essential for their physical and mental development and the creation of good habits.

Using your mobile school app you can find out all the details about the nutrition your child is receiving at school.

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